Digital Revolution

Fronius Welding Technology | Dictionary


When welding, certain values (command values) are desirable, e.g. with regards to current or voltage. And then there are the actual values. These are digitized and constantly compared. If there are any discrepancies, they are adapted to comply with the command values. The digital signal processor is what makes this possible. A powerful microcontroller that processes all the data with maximum precision. The result: an absolutely perfect arc. And that in turn means perfect ignition, welding and unique reproducibility of weld seams.


In conventional welding systems, the constant adaptation from actual to command value is carried out using analog components. They are not as precise, which results in, shall we say, “problems” with long term stability.

This is precisely where the advantage of digital technology comes to the front. With completely digitally controlled systems from Fronius, all the power is in the software, in the embedded expert knowledge. The system is therefore flexible and also open to future developments. With regard to the system, we haven’t of course just fully digitized the power source: all our welding components are now digital. Because we know that to enjoy the harmony, the whole orchestra has to be in tune. All the time. This closes the cycle.






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